In 2015, four ambitious guys that didn’t know one another out of the same high school, crossed paths to a brighter horizon only to unify them into a new musical direction. Previously performing in other indie bands within the Inland Empire, Eli DeLeon, Edwin Robles, Justin Barner (JB), and Luke Johnson came together and viewed their communal love for music as their only way of personal escapism from the notoriety their hometown of San Bernardino had always wrongfully received. Finding a deeper connection to one another quicker than imagined, the new friends discovered the truth they were all in need of within the conception known as Daise.

Once establishing their distinct collective, Eli, Edwin, JB, and Luke were reawakened with the ideas that were being brought into the Daise moniker. As the four guys grew, both musically and personally with one another, Daise’s sonic palette started to take on a different form. Exploring the realms of ominous dream-pop as their backdrop, the band had this monumental shift into ethereal indie-rock that felt like home for them, and after all, home is where the music is.

At first glance under the microscope, Daise’s unified resonance draws influences from 80’s jangly-pop heroes, The Smiths, to the darkly sweet contemporary sounds of indie heavyweights Local Natives, Two Door Cinema Club, and Turnover to just name a few. Outside the spectrum of present and past music, Daise discovers great inspiration from the arts not only within their direct upbringings, but from the likes of Albert Camus’ “The Stranger” to John Green’s “Looking For Alaska” as well as the stories of Raymond Carver. However, while the band pays respect to both their peers and idols, their overall tone travels on a lane completely their very own, without a destination in mind, because only the journey is everlasting, after all.

It’s known that San Bernardino doesn’t have the same fast paced reputation like Los Angeles does, however, the different backgrounds, stories, and experiences the members all have has notably shaped their individual lifestyles. Living far, but not too far from Los Angeles has had a huge impact on the band. Within the suburbs of the Inland Empire, Daise is embedded within a large community of artists and observers who support everything that everyone does. As the love and encouragement poured in for them, Eli, Edwin, JB, and Luke acknowledged it was time to light a match and see just how bright their fire could burn.

In October 2016, the band graced us with their debut EP, Bewilder. The five-track album is a blissful expedition into a soundscape preoccupied with deep and dark atmospheric echoes that would change like seasons such as into tranquil and desirable indie-pop/rock. From Eli’s emotionally-driven efflux on vocals that could oblige as a spiritual awakening and Edwin’s beautifully progressive reverberations on guitar to Justin’s elusive yet genuinely effective reverb on bass and Luke’s carefully and precisely executed drumbeats, Bewilder is best served at any temperature or season.

While the band has mostly played gigs around their hometown that stretch to surrounding areas such as Pomona and Los Angeles, they spent the later half of 2017 examining their true calling and purpose. As 2018 was underway and the city around them, let alone the world at large, drastically changing in every direction, Daise recognized making music is the only path they wanted to tread along. After a year and half of not releasing any new music, but playing shows and working day and night honing their craft, the quartet released the stand-alone single “In The Garden” in May 2018. Staying true to their distinguishable aural qualities, the band’s sound grew considerably grander. This expansion in both resonance and lyrics triggered a similar reaction as if it was 2015 all over again—where suddenly and for all the right reasons, the band felt completely renewed. However, the impressive melodies and great richness found inside “In The Garden” is merely just the tip of the iceberg.

Daise is armed and ready with new music to show the world. Next in line will be “Sights of Blue”—their most relatable, accessible song to date. On the universal themes of being in a pitiable relationship due to one’s hurtful actions and finally identifying how love just doesn’t live here any longer, “Sights of Blue” is intensely personal and painfully expressive. Sonically, it interjects a new serum into Daise allowing them to flourish even further with tantalizing melodies and candied arrangements.

Musically the band challenged themselves by writing a bass line for “Sights of Blue” that would not only complement the song, but also add an unusual flavors in the mix. The verse bass was inspired by Chance The Rapper’s production—in how it’s always bouncy and it gets your body moving. Daise wanted to contribute something with a similar feeling. With the chorus bass evoking listeners to dance, the band imagined the chorus and verse bass lines as two hypnotic colors moving together simultaneously and swirling around in the air. Everything combined here makes for something incredibly palatable on all levels of mind, body, and soul. Truth be told, this is Daise; more dream than pop, more dark than light, and more love to offer than ever before.  

Daise is currently working on their debut LP.
- Written by Sean Kayden